Event Details

  • Date:
    Jun 11, 2015

    #GotPetersBack Fundraiser & Farewell to Coach B

    On Thursday, June 11th we will say farewell to Coach B by participating in a fundraiser for his dear friend Peter who has a rare form of cancer in his jawbone. We would like to make this a #CrossFitCommunity event by encouraging teams from other boxes to participate as well. We will run heats until 7PM. How can you help?

    STEP 1: Get your shirt! 100% of proceeds go directly to Peter and his family. 



    STEP 2: Pick your 3 person team!

    Teams can be same sex or co-ed. You are encouraged to get team members from other boxes to join us. All movements can be scaled as needed.


    STEP 3: Join us for the WOD and to say farewell to Brandon Fulwider!

    4 Rounds of:

    400m Run
    30 Power Cleans (155/95)
    30 Pull-ups
    30 Burpees
    900m Row 

    Begin each round with a team run of 400 meters. Teams will then move to power cleans. All members of the team must be present at the bar before work can begin. The team may partition the power cleans, pull-ups and burpee reps as needed. Lastly, each member of the team will row 300 meters totaling 900 meters. This completes one round.