Event Details

  • Date:
    Dec 8, 2013

    Iron Eve CF Competition

    An all ladies competition!

    Join us and be our cheerleaders or register and compete along side of us.


    Here are the standards for Iron Eve CrossFit Competition 

    Second Annual IRON EVE Competition on Sunday December 8th, 2013 from 9am -4pm At Iron Temple CrossFit. 7001 West 20 Ave, Hialeah FL 33014.

    This is an all Female competiton. We will have 3.5 events for everyone and a final WOD for the top 10 of the categories. Standards are for the first 3.5 events. The top athletes that make the final WOD may have higher loads of movements not listed and skill will be higher than the first 3.5 event.

    The first event maybe a Max lift. There are other basic movements like running, rowing, KBS, burpees...etc that may or may not be in the events.

    Standards: 1.RTG: You must also be proficient in all skills: (Muscle ups, handstand walks, HSPU, Pistols, Double Under, Rope Climbs, chest to bars. Deadlift:185 working weight, Cleans:135 working weight

    2.Rx: Must be able to do pullups rope climbs, toes to bars, Double unders. Box jumps 24” . Deadlift:155 working weight, Cleans:115 working weight

    3. Masters: Must be able to do, pullups, Rope climbs, Box jumps 20”. Deadlift:135 working weight, Cleans:95 working weight

    4. Scaled: Must be able to do, toes to bars, Box jumps 20” . Deadlift:115 working weight, Cleans:75 working weight