Boot Camp
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Workout Of the Day

"Saturday 11/22/2014"

In teams of 3 complete the following:
3,000m Row
300 Hammer Hits
300 Get-ups

3,000 Row
300 Double Unders
30 Hang Squat Cleans
Skill & Drill Clean prior to WOD



Drunk Murph | Diaper WOD

As you know, our awesome trainer Jamie, and her happy hubby Jon, are expecting a baby girl this December. Since boys were not invited to the baby shower (boo!) this is your chance to do something Jamie is very passionate about. Even though she can't drink, her hubby absolutely can and he loves a good 1 mile run only after he's chugged a beer. Ladies are invited to WOD and drink with us too! If you don't drink, wear a diaper and join us. If you'd like to share a gift of beer or baby items, they are registered at...

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  • This Sunday from 10-12 at Open Gym Gitta!

    Posted by Dana, 11/12/2014 (11 days ago)


I cannot thank you enough for the amazing coaches you have. A great coach makes...

- Jen C.


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